3 Trips to Burma – Myanmar with Partners Asia

We’re delighted to share news about three upcoming Partners Asia trips to Burma – Myanmar. On all three trips, you’ll visit cultural sites, meet our local partners and local people (our friends!) and visit the community-led humanitarian projects we support. One of the trips will focus on Burma – Myanmar’s rich — and endangered  — birds and biodiversity. Another will take you on a unique bicycle journey to villages, along winding rivers, past local open-air markets, temples and caves. The third, a Dharma Journey, will include teachings with Jack Kornfield and a rare opportunity for a personal meeting with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

We want your experience in Burma to be a personal journey, rather than a huge group tour, so we are limiting the number of travelers on each trip to 15. If your first choice trip is filled, we will be happy to put you on the waiting list. Women and girls, the poor, and people displaced by conflict, environmental damage and land grabbing are at the heart of Partners Asia work. They are our strength — and Burma – Myanmar’s future.

Please let us know soon if you’re interested in joining us on either (or all!) of these trips. We are expecting they will fill quickly. If you have friends who are travelers, you are welcome to invite them and forward this info.

Finally, a word about names. We’re using Myanmar and Burma interchangeably in keeping with the times and political sensitivities. Also, please note: We’re no longer CPI. Our new name is Partners Asia. Led by Therese Caouette and Hal Nathan (founder of Foundation for the People of Burma), Partners Asia works with local leaders in and around Myanmar to strengthen civil society through community-led education, development and access to health care for those most in need. Please explore our website www.partnersasia.org and then join us to explore Burma in person!

Quick Look at the 3 Trips to Burma – Myanmar

Burma Bird – Biodiversity Trip

20 Jan – 3 Feb 2013

“Positioned at the core of one of the world’s richest biodiversity hotspots, Burma is endowed with plant and animal life of the flanking Himalayas, Malay peninsula, Indian subcontinent and mainland south-east Asia. Only three countries in the world have more extensive tropical forests: Brazil, India and the Congo. Burma is home to 1,099 of south-east Asia’s 1,324 bird species … Burma is regarded as one of Asia’s last bastions of biodiversity — and (that’s) why environmentalists view the country’s recent steps toward opening its doors with some fear …”

This trip will focus on the country’s rich biodiversity and rare wildlife habitats and include visits to cultural sites as well as the humanitarian projects we support.

As Myanmar opens the door to foreign business development after decades of isolated military rule, wildlife experts worry about the impact on the environment and rare species. This is an excellent time to experience endemic species in untrammeled habitat.

The trip includes a visit to Mt. Victoria in the Chin Hills-Arakan Yoma montane forests ecoregion. Surrounded at lower elevations by tropical and subtropical moist forests, the mountain’s higher elevations form a sky island, home to many temperate and alpine species typical of the Himalaya further north, as well as many endemic species.

The cost of the 15-day trip is $3,250 per person ($1,500 less than the similar Birdquest tour.) The price includes all hotels, ground transports, meals, national park fees etc. as well as the services of one of Myanmar’s top birding researchers and a cultural guide. To support programs that benefit and empower the most vulnerable people of Burma, suggested donation per traveler: $5,000 – $2,000. 

Only 2 spots left.

Bicycle Burma-Myanmar

28 Jan – 6 Feb 2013

NEW DATES! Click Here For Detailed Itinerary

Cycle alongside winding rivers, through villages and open-air market towns, to the Golden Rock; feed monkeys, explore temples and caves. By pedal power (how cool is that?!), visit local partners and local people at urban and rural community-led projects for displaced villagers, youth centers, women and girls’ groups and shelters. The trip will be led by Executive Director (and intrepid cyclist) Therese Caouette, who has worked with refugees, migrants and displaced persons in Southeast Asia for more than 30 years. Pleasant pedaling on a route with little traffic or elevation gain. Cyclists will be fully supported with sag van and local guides through a local bike company run by a delightful Australian-Burmese couple.

Costs: Meals and drinks (average $25-30/day); Bike Trip (bike, accommodations, transportation, airport pickup) $1080/each (includes 10 days fully supported bike trip, 9 nights hotel). Please note that similar Myanmar bike tours charge close to $5,000.

To support programs that benefit and empower the most vulnerable people of Burma, suggested donation per traveler: $10,000.

Dharma Donor Trip with Jack Kornfield including personal visit with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi

5 Feb – 19 Feb 2014

Since 1999, we’ve been working quietly and steadily with our local partners to improve life for thousands who have suffered during a brutal period in Burma’s history. In recognition of our long efforts to help the people of Burma, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has invited us to meet with her in Myanmar.

We’re arranging a very special Dharma donor tour that will include a private audience with The Lady. The trip will also include insider tours of cultural sites, rural villages and urban byways; daily 30-minute guided meditations and teachings with Jack Kornfield, one of the West’s leading Dharma teachers (optional); and visits with some of the courageous and innovative local partners and humanitarian projects Partners Asia supports. The Board Chairman of Partners Asia, Hal Nathan, will lead this trip. Hal has been involved with community-led humanitarian work in Burma / Myanmar since the mid-1990s as founder of Foundation for the People of Burma. The relationships and perspective Hal has built over the past 15 years will give visitors a rare window on the country, cultures and people.

It is traditional for travelers on this journey to make a significant donation to support programs that benefit and empower the most vulnerable people of Burma. Suggested donation per traveler: $25,000.

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