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Our Mission

Partners Asia supports community initiatives to improve the lives of the most vulnerable among the people of Myanmar. Many of these people live in unstable areas within Myanmar and along its borders, where they are at risk of displacement and exploitation. At Partners Asia, we build relationships with innovative organizers in these communities and with international donors, bridging the gap between local leaders and global resources.

Our Approach

We take seriously our role in creating a collaborative environment, where shared values underpin relationships of trust and mutual respect, forming a space for purposeful action in which the goal is to support community organizing.

We believe that local initiatives led by local leaders stand the strongest chance of weathering unpredictable challenges and creating positive, lasting change.

To gain the trust of our partners, we offer long-term mentoring and financial support, with realistic expectations and time frames.

Partners Asia provides necessary oversight and due diligence of programs and facilitates close connections with projects for those donors interested to deepen their understanding.

Our Values

Learn from the people
Plan with the people
Begin with what they know
Build on what they know
Of the best leaders
When the task is accomplished
The people will say
We have done it ourselves
-Lao Tzu

We believe that Myanmar people are and should be the drivers of development for their communities and their country. To this end, our strategy is to transition leadership of Partners Asia to local Myanmar leaders.

We believe that donors who have a flexible approach to funding and a desire to connect to the people whose lives are impacted by their funds can play a vital part in the emergence of civil society groups in Myanmar.

We value the diversity of the groups with which we work and seek to collaborate with them to make the most of their strengths and resources.

We work to build a learning community where no single individual or group has the ‘right’ answers, but where everyone can contribute to seeking solutions to complex problems.

We know that personal relationships built on trust, experience, and mutual respect are the keys to true partnership, both with donors and community groups.

We value transparency and openness as means to create a culture in which resources, information and skills are freely shared.

We value building local ownership and leadership of community initiatives. We shape our monitoring and evaluation of these initiatives around outcomes and models that matter to the community groups, so that groups may effectively and realistically use assessments to improve their work and to inform policy making at the local and national levels.

A word about names. We’ll start using Myanmar (and not just Burma) more often in keeping with the times and political sensitivities, but this does not change our focus on the diverse and often excluded ethnic minority populations.