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Our Partners Asia team has worked for more than 20 years with emergent leaders in remote communities within Burma – Myanmar, and among the migrant communities in Thailand and in urban Myanmar. We engage with community groups and leaders who are already working for the betterment of their people in these areas and who share our values, and want to partner with us.

What we do for community groups:

  • help them access global resources through grants supporting their work;
  • build their leadership, organizational, and project-implementation skills in order to increase their impact;
  • link them to partnerships and networks within Myanmar and regionally; and
  • provide them informational resources for improved organizational and project management.

Myanmar’s history and present are riddled with dominant leaders, administrative hierarchies that undermine local action, and a legacy of ‘divide and rule’ that discourages cooperative endeavors. We believe it essential to encourage collaborative leadership in this context, and we seek to work with many diverse groups in Myanmar as well as foster ties between the groups.

At Partners Asia, we plant the seeds for horizontal networks to grow among peers: networks that can develop into learning communities wherein local organizations and leaders can share skills and financial resources for common purpose. We also facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience between groups in Myanmar and Thailand, enabling them to discuss common problems and different solutions, or initiate training and support among themselves and with others.

Our local partners operate a range of projects to benefit their communities, using an integrated approach to their work. Click on the links below to read more about our partners’ projects*:

Community projects in Burma Myanmar
Community projects in Thailand

Check out where the projects that your donations support are located:

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*Due to security concerns around Myanmar civil society work that have been present for many years, we refrain from publishing the exact names and locations of our partners.