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We cannot thrive without the support of many individual donors, and gifts at any level are sincerely appreciated. There are many ways for you to get involved and make a difference.

Join our global network! Please give! Your gift will make a world of difference for impoverished ethnic minorities; young people (especially girls) vulnerable to labor abuse, and displaced villagers. Thanks for donating!

For those foundations and philanthropists looking to dedicate resources to Myanmar communities in need, we are happy to explore partnerships with you to make this possible. Partners Asia may provide such funders:

  • close connections with organizations and projects in and around Burma – Myanmar;
  • management of grants, including necessary due diligence and oversight of projects to ensure the beneficiaries are accountable for funds received;
  • co-funding of projects, to diversify and therefore strengthen the funding base of community organizations as well as to open the possibility for donors to become responsibly involved in new projects and areas; and
  • background briefings to Myanmar’s development and sociopolitical context.

Our team brings together dedicated professionals with deep experience and knowledge in working with Myanmar communities, including the Foundation for the People of Burma, John P. Hussman Foundation, and Burma Lifeline.

Learn more about how and why some of our donors support Partners Asia’s work:

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We invite you to contact us to learn more about how you can get involved, and we thank you for your interest in the people of Burma – Myanmar.