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Rule of Law in Myanmar

One of the biggest challenges of working in Myanmar is the lack of trust created by five decades of military rule, in which the law was used as a weapon of control.  Lawyers often have limited education, and are not respected in a system in which corruption is not just an add-on, but the very oil that makes the wheels turn. Beginning in November 2013, Partners Asia, with support from the Oak Foundation, has been assisting local groups in their […]

View from the Ground

Discretion. Resilience. Toughness. These are the qualities proving invaluable to groups working for human rights, inclusion and justice as Myanmar navigates increased ethnic tension1, an uncertain political future, a deluge of foreign investment2, and the displacement of thousands3. The government of Myanmar is targeting progressive leaders, including grantees of Partners Asia whose names we are omitting to protect their identity, with imprisonment and harassment. The government is also implementing an intolerant legislative agenda, and recently passed discriminatory “Race and Religion […]

Education, Peace and Democracy in Myanmar

The National Network for Education Reform (NNER) is a coalition of educators working in the independent sector – monastery schools, ethnic minority village schools, migrant worker schools, and religious schools – actively engaged in a national dialogue on education reform since 2012. NNER has also been critical of the Education Law enacted on September 30th, 2014, that have been criticized1 for excluding input from students and refusing to allow ethnic minority languages to be taught at higher universities. Students opposing […]

The Cautious Optimist

Partners Asia Senior Advisor Zunetta Herbert was featured in a Foundation For a Just Society profile titled “The Cautious Optimist“. Zunetta relates her experience and work in a region of displaced and exploited people, and her perspective on how Partners Asia can support the rights of vulnerable populations in Myanmar.

2015 Myanmar Flood Updates

Thank You from Partners Asia Flood relief supplies are reaching hundreds of victims ! Update – August 27, 2015 Torrential monsoon rains in the aftermath of cyclone Komen have caused extreme damage in Myanmar. Floods have destroyed roads, bridges, railways and villages, and people in Sagaing, Chin, Magwe and Rakhine are suffering. The waters have still not receded in many areas; in Chin State relief workers can only get through on foot, and it is still raining. Thanks to the […]

Help Flood Victims in Myanmar – Urgent Funding Needed

Partners Asia Zunetta Herbert, Senior Advisor Urgent Funding Needed for Flood Victims Since the beginning of the month, unusually heavy monsoon rains have affected 330,000 people, causing landslides and flooding in four major regions of western Myanmar. 74 people are confirmed dead,1 though the true number will be higher as several areas are cut off. While there has been a request for emergency aid from international donors, Partners Asia’s grantees on the ground in these areas started reaching people immediately. […]

School Day on the Border: Northern Thailand

Partners Asia Amanda Mowry, Grant Manager – Thailand “The fighting hasn’t stopped. Whatever the news may say, there is still gunfire in our villages. We cannot go home. Not yet.” –Krungjaw Learning Center School Director Krungjaw Learning Center serves children from the poorest of the poor in a remote village of Northern Thailand. Situated next to a Shan refugee camp, Krungjaw opens its doors to over 150 children from five different ethnicities, most of whom migrated to Thailand to escape […]

Bike Trip in Burma – Myanmar! – 2016

2014 Burma Bike Trip (3)

Pedal with Partners Asia in 2016 Welcome to our 4th annual donor bicycle trip with Partners Asia in Burma-Myanmar. Join us and discover the heart of Burma by bike, experience genuine rural culture: enchanting countryside, heritage sites, and visit the community-led projects we support. With more than 20 years’ experience our talented team quietly and effectively supports local change makers as they carry out the plans they have initiated in formal and non-formal education, anti-trafficking, HIV and health services, clean […]

Partners for Peace

sub-categories Buddhist’s Leaders Betray the Teachings Buddhist Leaders respond to violence against Muslims Partners for Peace For Partners Asia, peace is a tangible quest — a goal that has legs, hands, and hearts behind it on the ground in Myanmar. Supporting emerging peace networks is one of our centerpiece campaigns for 2015, as the country’s critical elections near. Why peace, among so many other urgent needs? Because alongside the country’s new openness is a darker story. Myanmar is witnessing inter-ethnic […]

The 1st Non-Formal Education Conference Brief

Non-formal education spans ages, abilities, ethnicities, and borders providing opportunity for those who cannot study within standard schooling systems. With focus on core curriculum, such as reading, writing, and math, non-formal education is a bridge for more empowered living and can lead to higher education, vocational training, or increased autonomy in work and daily life. In recognition of the importance of such education, EduNet hosted its 1st Non-formal Education (NFE) Conference in Yangon with over 50 participants attending the one-day […]