Avoiding Mistakes of the Past in Burma

“[I]n these heady days of Burma’s opening up to the world, let’s not forget the risks and lessons from scaling up the level of foreign aid too quickly.”

Tom Parks of the Asia Foundation has written a great article describing the kinds of problems that the international community has faced (and caused) after taking sudden and great interests in  countries experiencing significant changes. The lessons the international community should heed as it dives into Burma are fairly clear.

Because our team at Partners Asia has worked on Burma – Myanmar issues for decades, we naturally have quite a deep sensitivity and understanding toward the country and its peoples. We’re feeling many of the same anxieties that people like Tom Parks are feeling. Nonetheless, as the author writes, it’s still early enough “to get things right in Burma.”

You can read the article here:
How Can International Assistance to Burma Avoid Mistakes of the Past?
Asia Foundation, May 9, 2012

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