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Off the Beaten Path


First-hand report from Amanda Mowry, Program Manager (Thailand) It’s been more than an hour on the back of a motorcycle in rural Myanmar. The greater the distance between us and Kyaing Tong, one of Shan State’s principal cities, the more the landscape changes. Buildings are replaced by rice fields, and the cement road turns to dirt. Soon, we reach the foot of a mountain and begin our journey up, twisting around gaping fissures made by monsoon storms. Young girls with […]

The 1st Non-Formal Education Conference Brief

Non-formal education spans ages, abilities, ethnicities, and borders providing opportunity for those who cannot study within standard schooling systems. With focus on core curriculum, such as reading, writing, and math, non-formal education is a bridge for more empowered living and can lead to higher education, vocational training, or increased autonomy in work and daily life. In recognition of the importance of such education, EduNet hosted its 1st Non-formal Education (NFE) Conference in Yangon with over 50 participants attending the one-day […]

Partners Asia -Myanmar: An Unequal Transition- symposiums

Speaker Profile Zin Mar

November 15, 2014 – Menlo Park, California November 20, 2014 – Foundation for a Just Society Special Reception, New York There’s nothing like hearing directly from those most affected by the changes taking place to shed light on what an extraordinary time this is for the people of Myanmar — and therefore what a unique opportunity we have to empower their efforts toward peace, voice, and shared development. Part of the specialness of these occasions was their sheer existence. Such […]

October 2014 Report – Myanmar Civil Society Organizations Forum

Reported by Zunetta Herbert Partners Asia Senior Advisor Myanmar Civil Society Organizations critique the transition and the role of international donors, October 2014. Myanmar is at a crucial period in history. Since 2011 the current President U Thein Sein (former General Thein Sein) has pursued liberal policies designed to attract western support and investment. This shift has brought significant resources to the country, but these new resources have often been disbursed without regard to existing community organizations and local knowledge. […]

Taking action to strengthen local leadership

Written by Partners Asia Team The Philanthropy Workshop West (TPW) ​Members ​join Partners Asia to ​provide action grants to ​local leaders from Burma working for their communities in Myanmar and Thailand. Partners Asia has recently launched a new leadership initiative funded by TPW ​members​. ​Together they are working in consultation with a​ network of local advisors ​to identify ​local leaders and ​grassroots organizations who are engaged in developing innovative projects or expanding current programs to new communities in Myanmar. As […]

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Mary and Heather Visit With Meikswe Myanmar

Meikswe Myanmar in Northern Shan State We left Mandalay and drove eight hours on a winding road through the mountains toward China to Lashio in northern Shan State. We had spent five days in Lashio two years ago and were looking forward to visiting our friends who work for Meikswe Myanmar. Meikswe is a small local NGO, long supported by Partners Asia, which does health, education, and community development work. Helping People Living with HIV/AIDS Meikswe was founded more than […]

C.H.E.K.’S work with ethnic villagers in the Golden Triangle

We have spent five days in the Kyaing Tong region of Burma/Myanmar learning about the work that Partners Asia supports through its partner C.H.E.K. (Community Health and Education Kyaing Tong). Flying into the town of Kyaing Tong we saw that it is a remote, mountainous area terraced with rice fields and some forests, 650 miles from the urban center of Yangon.  We later learned that until recently this area was the scene of armed conflict, sometimes one ethic group fighting […]

EduNet works with children cleaning up trash at their school

EduNet – making cleaning up fun! EduNet is a partner organization that works primarily in monastic education schools in the slum areas of Yangon.  There are four teams working on different aspects of community school development – teacher training, health education and prevention; reading skills and library development and children’s psycho-social well being.  The Health and Child teams frequently work together, and this year they have worked with teachers to create school councils. Groups where children are invited to join […]

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Naw Bway Khu (Snow) — Meiskwe Myanmar standing tall

Our long term partner Naw Bway Khu (Snow) has been getting increasingly involved in advocacy work with other NGOs in the new, more open Myanmar. She recently attended a high level meeting in Nay Pyi Daw, the capital city, along with other local NGOs and the Parliamentary Committee on Legislation to discuss the new draft law on the registration of local NGOs.   I am sure our supporters who met with Snow when she travelled to San Francisco last year […]

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Displaced people in Myanmar are getting Assistance from Kachin Development Group – KDG

After 17 years of ceasefire between the Myanmar military and Kachin Independence Army (KIA), fighting once again broke out in June 2011 in the country’s north, internally displacing some 50,000 people who have sought safety in the camps. Partners Asia works with community leaders in areas controlled by either side. One local partner operating in KIA areas, the Kachin Development Group (KDG), has been working feverishly in these overcrowded camps to counter problems that have proliferated among the children and […]

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