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License to Learn


Over two million Myanmar people are estimated to be living in Thailand. Some are fleeing warfare, others political injustice, but most come seeking opportunity. These economic refugees hope to save money and return home, but it is unclear how long this will take: two years, five years, 15 years, or more? This waiting game has the greatest impact on the children who come with their families. Put to work or left at home to care for younger siblings, there are […]

Off the Beaten Path


First-hand report from Amanda Mowry, Program Manager (Thailand) It’s been more than an hour on the back of a motorcycle in rural Myanmar. The greater the distance between us and Kyaing Tong, one of Shan State’s principal cities, the more the landscape changes. Buildings are replaced by rice fields, and the cement road turns to dirt. Soon, we reach the foot of a mountain and begin our journey up, twisting around gaping fissures made by monsoon storms. Young girls with […]

A Place to Call Home


Founded by the indomitable Naw Bway Khu (Snow), our partner Meikswe Myanmar mentors grassroots organizations in hard-to-reach communities, reaches over 10,000 children in pre-schools, community or monastic schools, and runs three residential care homes for women and children living with HIV/AIDS. One of the homes, Palae Metta – located close to Yangon – is a haven where women and children receive ART (antiretroviral drug therapy), counseling, healthy food, and opportunities for education and vocational training. Many at Palae Metta are […]

Education, Peace and Democracy in Myanmar

The National Network for Education Reform (NNER) is a coalition of educators working in the independent sector – monastery schools, ethnic minority village schools, migrant worker schools, and religious schools – actively engaged in a national dialogue on education reform since 2012. NNER has also been critical of the Education Law enacted on September 30th, 2014, that have been criticized1 for excluding input from students and refusing to allow ethnic minority languages to be taught at higher universities. Students opposing […]

School Day on the Border: Northern Thailand

Partners Asia Amanda Mowry, Grant Manager – Thailand “The fighting hasn’t stopped. Whatever the news may say, there is still gunfire in our villages. We cannot go home. Not yet.” –Krungjaw Learning Center School Director Krungjaw Learning Center serves children from the poorest of the poor in a remote village of Northern Thailand. Situated next to a Shan refugee camp, Krungjaw opens its doors to over 150 children from five different ethnicities, most of whom migrated to Thailand to escape […]

The 1st Non-Formal Education Conference Brief

Non-formal education spans ages, abilities, ethnicities, and borders providing opportunity for those who cannot study within standard schooling systems. With focus on core curriculum, such as reading, writing, and math, non-formal education is a bridge for more empowered living and can lead to higher education, vocational training, or increased autonomy in work and daily life. In recognition of the importance of such education, EduNet hosted its 1st Non-formal Education (NFE) Conference in Yangon with over 50 participants attending the one-day […]

Oxford University Myanmar Day – April 2015

Partners Asia Senior Advisor, Zunetta Herbert Oxford University held a conference on April 29th to officially launch their partnership with the Yangon University Law Department. The meeting took place at St. Hugh’s College, in a room with portraits of a famous alumni, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Guest speaker Prof. David Steinberg remembered having first been there in 1991 at a conference with Martin Smith and Zunetta Herbert, who were both present. Oxford University’s program with Yangon University includes teaching […]

Partners Asia Supporters Dick and Deane Visit EduNet

Greetings Hal and Gail! Deane and just I returned from our travels in time to greet 2015, and I wanted to give you an update on our experience — clearly a high point was our time in Myanmar/Burma. We began in Yangon with a visit to two EduNet sites, one a monastery school, the second a school set up for youth who — as Su Su, Edunet’s Field Coordinator, said — should be mainstreamed, but because of their disabilities or […]

Bridging the Gap – Migrant Education Integration Initiative

Written by Michou Tchana-Hyman BEAM Education Foundation Children of a Broken Educational System I arrived in Thailand last year and became aware of the startling number of children working on the streets and at home during normal school hours. In Chiang Mai, a bustling city nestled in the foothills that continue into Northern Thailand, many migrants come seeking work. Here, I joined The Bridging Educational Access to Migrants (BEAM) Foundation and focused on the Migrant Education Integration Initiative (MEII) where […]

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Women of Myanmar

Written by Mary and Heather Partners Asia contributing writers In The Face of Change Through our work with Partners Asia, we met many women in Myanmar and in the Myanmar migrant communities in Thailand.  Their presence, inner strength and resilience conveyed a powerful message about their importance in the development of what will hopefully be a new Myanmar society.  Mothers, teachers, community organizers, nuns, midwives, entrepreneurs, translators – we were profoundly moved by each of them.  Here is a collage […]

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