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View from the Ground

Discretion. Resilience. Toughness. These are the qualities proving invaluable to groups working for human rights, inclusion and justice as Myanmar navigates increased ethnic tension1, an uncertain political future, a deluge of foreign investment2, and the displacement of thousands3. The government of Myanmar is targeting progressive leaders, including grantees of Partners Asia whose names we are omitting to protect their identity, with imprisonment and harassment. The government is also implementing an intolerant legislative agenda, and recently passed discriminatory “Race and Religion […]

Partners for Peace

sub-categories Buddhist’s Leaders Betray the Teachings Buddhist Leaders respond to violence against Muslims Partners for Peace For Partners Asia, peace is a tangible quest — a goal that has legs, hands, and hearts behind it on the ground in Myanmar. Supporting emerging peace networks is one of our centerpiece campaigns for 2015, as the country’s critical elections near. Why peace, among so many other urgent needs? Because alongside the country’s new openness is a darker story. Myanmar is witnessing inter-ethnic […]

Partners Asia -Myanmar: An Unequal Transition- symposiums

Speaker Profile Zin Mar

November 15, 2014 – Menlo Park, California November 20, 2014 – Foundation for a Just Society Special Reception, New York There’s nothing like hearing directly from those most affected by the changes taking place to shed light on what an extraordinary time this is for the people of Myanmar — and therefore what a unique opportunity we have to empower their efforts toward peace, voice, and shared development. Part of the specialness of these occasions was their sheer existence. Such […]