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Bike Trip in Burma – Myanmar! – 2016

2014 Burma Bike Trip (3)

Pedal with Partners Asia in 2016 Welcome to our 4th annual donor bicycle trip with Partners Asia in Burma-Myanmar. Join us and discover the heart of Burma by bike, experience genuine rural culture: enchanting countryside, heritage sites, and visit the community-led projects we support. With more than 20 years’ experience our talented team quietly and effectively supports local change makers as they carry out the plans they have initiated in formal and non-formal education, anti-trafficking, HIV and health services, clean […]

Fall 2014 pedal with Partners Asia on a bike trip in Burma

Bike Trip Map

October 26 – November 3, 2014 Bike Burma with Partners Asia 9-days of Adventure and Beauty Biking Highlights — Experience a journey of a lifetime on Partners Asia 3rd Annual Donor Bike Trip in Burma. Take an unhurried cycling adventure through the countryside of Burma-Myanmar. Meet local people and experience rural culture while cycling through heritage sites. Explore the beauty of Mt. Zwekapin and its’ 2,400 foot summit. Your bike trip will take you through rural villages and open-air markets. […]

Audrey’s Burma Bike Trip with Partners Asia

Audrey’s Burma Bike Trip with Partners Asia Several years ago I attended an event in which Therese Caouette of Partners Asia described the vulnerability of young women in rural Southeast Asia communities to human trafficking and outlined what can be done by those communities (e.g. education) to prevent such tragedies in the future. I was deeply affected by the exploitation and suffering. Last year, my friend Linda mentioned that she was going to Burma. As part of her trip, she […]

Return Trip from Bike Tour to Myanmar

John H., this post’s author, went on Partners Asia’s donor biking trip in January and February 2013. Once a Seattleite, John has lived and worked in Thailand for the past several years. You can also check out John’s other posts about this trip here and here. My first journey to Myanmar took place almost exactly two years ago, not too many months before the government began making noises about opening up the country. It was fun to compare the before and […]


3 Trips to Burma – Myanmar with Partners Asia

We’re delighted to share news about three upcoming Partners Asia trips to Burma – Myanmar. On all three trips, you’ll visit cultural sites, meet our local partners and local people (our friends!) and visit the community-led humanitarian projects we support. One of the trips will focus on Burma – Myanmar’s rich — and endangered  — birds and biodiversity. Another will take you on a unique bicycle journey to villages, along winding rivers, past local open-air markets, temples and caves. The […]

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