EduNet works with children cleaning up trash at their school

EduNet – making cleaning up fun!

EduNet is a partner organization that works primarily in monastic education schools in the slum areas of Yangon.  There are four teams working on different aspects of community school development – teacher training, health education and prevention; reading skills and library development and children’s psycho-social well being.  The Health and Child teams frequently work together, and this year they have worked with teachers to create school councils. Groups where children are invited to join in with the management and maintenance of the school. The school councils are responsible for keeping the school clean and tidy. In areas where poor environmental health results in skin diseases, respiratory infections and Dengue fever – caused by mosquitoes, this work is particularly important. The children are also encouraged to think beyond the school gates – and EduNet teaches them about environmental concerns, and how to be good citizens.

Here, at Migadawun School, the children tackled the rubbish heap that had grown up in the street just outside their school gate.


Rubish In Street

Rubbish lies festering in the street, next to the food stalls where children buy snacks, when they can


Children Working on Trash Site

EduNet found a rubbish cart, and the children happily push it along to the site


Children Given Gloves and Masks

EduNet provides  protective gloves and masks


Children Clean Rubish Dump

Rubbish dump is cleared, and the children learn a good lesson in community work


Zunetta Herbert
Myanmar Programs Director, Partners Asia


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