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NEW! 2014 Journey to Burma – Myanmar


5 Feb – 19 Feb 2014

Since 1999, we’ve been working quietly and steadily with our local partners to improve life for thousands who have suffered during a brutal period in Burma’s history. In recognition of our long efforts to help the people of Burma, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has invited us to meet with her in Myanmar.

We’re arranging a very special Dharma donor tour that will include a private audience with The Lady. The trip will also include insider tours of cultural sites, rural villages and urban byways; daily 30-minute guided meditations and teachings with Jack Kornfield, one of the West’s leading Dharma teachers (optional); and visits with some of the courageous and innovative local partners and humanitarian projects Partners Asia supports. The Board Chairman of Partners Asia, Hal Nathan, will lead this trip. Hal has been involved with community-led humanitarian work in Burma / Myanmar since the mid-1990s as founder of Foundation for the People of Burma. The relationships and perspective Hal has built over the past 15 years will give visitors a rare window on the country, cultures and people.

Praise for Joseph Goldstein’s Trip to Burma-Myanmar

“Traveling in Burma at this moment, when things have not changed since the 60s, is interesting and unusual in itself. To be there with Joseph, (and I am sure, Jack) was an extraordinary experience- they began there lives studying Buddhism there….since they were part of a small group responsible for bringing Buddhism to the U.S. it felt that we were visiting a place where something historical and important happened with one of the few people who made it happen….and then even more extraordinary, it was an opportunity to spend casual time with one of the greatest teachers in a very relaxed setting. Casual conversations with Joseph for such an extended period of time is an experience not to be duplicated. It was also a group of like minded people visiting and meditating together. And having an opportunity to travel with Hal Nathan to see the crucial work Partners Asia is doing in Burma and going to some remote areas is something that another travel group just wouldn’t have.”

– Susan Q. Gallin, 2013

It is traditional for travelers on this journey to make a significant donation to support programs that benefit and empower the most vulnerable people of Burma. Suggested donation per traveler: $25,000.

We want your experience in Burma to be a personal journey, rather than a huge group tour, so we are limiting the number of travelers.

Please let us know soon if you’re interested in joining us on the trip. We are expecting that it will fill quickly. For questions, please contact us.

Finally, a word about names. We’re using Myanmar and Burma interchangeably in keeping with the times and political sensitivities. Also, please note: We’re no longer CPI. Our new name is Partners Asia. Led by Therese Caouette and Hal Nathan (founder of Foundation for the People of Burma), Partners Asia works with local leaders in and around Myanmar to strengthen civil society through community-led education, development and access to health care for those most in need. Please explore our website www.partnersasia.org and then join us to explore Burma in person!