Jimmy’s Trip to Burma and EduNet

This is a long overdue thank you and report from my time spent with the wonderful people of EduNet. Firstly, I would like to thank you for connecting me to your organization and the amazing things that they are doing in Burma. It was a highlight of my travels to have a small impact on the work being done in such an amazing and dynamic country. I was humbled to work with such capable, motivated, and smart young people driving change in a country that is bursting at the seems in transition. In addition to thanking you for the opportunity, I wanted to fill you in on some of the things that I worked on with the teachers and some takeaways from my time in Lashio.

During my time in Lashio I led four days of professional development for the teachers working at the various monastic schools. The first two days were largely spent working through leadership and team building activities. I found all the teachers incredibly daring to jump into some challenging exercises on the first two days. I normally do these games after a week being with a group, but due to time constraints jumped right into it.

The second two days were spent diving into aspects of goal setting, lesson planning, student assessment, data tracking, and more. I found the teachers to be at all levels in these areas. Some had clear ideas for what they wanted their students to learn by the end of the year and others seem to be new to the idea of setting big goals to work towards with their classes. In the short time we were able to cover a bunch of the basics that I learned through my time at Teach for America.

The largest take away I had from my time spent in Lashio was the idea of collaboration. The teachers were thrilled to have me there. To discuss pedagogy with someone from a different educational system. We had great conversations about the similarities and differences that we have seen in our students and both came away with more ideas and tools for the future. I am not sure what it would look like in the future, but I know that this collaboration was valuable and hope that other teachers from around the globe can visit with EduNet to share experiences, resources, and knowledge.

Thanks again for making this opportunity possible. All the best,

Jimmy Singer