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Therese Caouette, Executive Director of Partners Asia, gives the keynote address at the 14th annual Seattle Human Rights Day, which also honors the Seattle Human Right Commission`s 50th Anniversary. Watch video here

Burma’s LGBT Community Slowly Coming Out – Burma’s Gay Lesbian and transgender community recently held the second ever Gay pride festival.

Non Formal Education video

Non Formal Education video

“I would like to be an educated person”

High Definition Studio presentation: Non Formal Education – a unique program allowing migrants to continue their education – click here for the video.

Zin Mar Aung Receives an International Women of Courage Award – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama present Zin Mar Aung, political activist and NGO co-founder from Burma, with an International Women of Courage Award at the Department of State in Washington, D.C. March 8, 2012

Portraits of Diversity A Study Guide presented by the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies is a series of videos that celebrates five individuals in Myanmar, and shows how their work and passion attempt to bridge the divide in a multi-ethnic context. The companion study guide can be used as a tool to generate discussion about diversity and tolerance, and to create a space to foster acceptance and share visions for the future. In this video Dr. Khin Win Kyu cares for pregnant women from various ethnic, religion and social status. For the full study guide and video series click here

BBC News – Our World Thai Fishermen

DVB Debate: Protecting Burma’s migrant workers (video length 4:55 English Subtitles with English summary narration)

This Kind of Love a film by director Jeanne Hallacy follows Burmese human rights educator and openly gay activist Aung Myo Min on his return home to Burma after 24 years in exile and his efforts in sharing his work on Child Rights and LGBT Rights in Burma. The makers of this film need help in its final creation and distribution. Contributions to continue the work on this film project can be made here.

Burma’s Democracy: How Real? Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center at Stanford University panel discussion on ‘Burma’s Democracy: How Real?’ panel speaker includes Aung Zaw, the founder and editor of The Irrawaddy and 2014 recipient of the Shorenstein Award for Journalism in Asia. Introduction given by Dan Sneider, Associate Director for Research.

Transformation of Myanmar – April 30, 2014 – David Carden former U.S. Ambassador to ASEAN leads a Milken Institute panel discussion on the Transformation of Myanmar.

December 2013 Interview with U Win Tin – A Democratic Voice of Burma DVB 2013 video interview (in English) of U Win Tin; The Naked Truth of Myanmar, a film portrait of U Win Tin

The Interview – Rohingya in Arakan, Burma: Win Tin, co-founder of the National League for Democracy speaks from his home in Rangoon (Yangon) Myanmar with Cyril Payen on The Interview – (Published April 17, 2013)

Education – the Migrant Voice – Myanmar migrants seek education in Thailand – they speak on their struggle to have their education efforts recognized. (English subtitles)



Treasure is the Head of Programs Management for Partners Asia – Treasure Shine was born in Myanmar. She has faced discrimination and other challenges in her life and is committed to helping her country and the people within it progress. Treasure manages grant proposals and coordination with the grantees for Partners Asia, while also networking with other organizations, associations, and government bodies. She is excited to an iLEAP fellow and believes she will “learn a lot from different people’s knowledge from this fellowship to use in my profession.” Her goal is to elevate the lives of her people by promoting the quality and equality of education.

Kaung Nyunt is the Head of Training and Collaboration for Partners Asia – Kaung Nyunt began his career in engineer latter finding his calling in education. Currently the Head of Training and Collaboration for Partners Asia, he works to support community initiatives for the most vulnerable in the Myanmar. Kaung Nyunt has collaborated on education, organizational development, and research since May 2008 working with children of many ethnic backgrounds. He is part of the iLEAP Fellowship this year in Seattle and very interested in the cross – cultural training which will help him better understand the diversity within his own country. “There are 135 ethnic groups in Burma Myanmar,” Kaung Nyunt explains.” This cross-cultural and leadership training will be really effective for me, who is working with different groups.” My goal is to “help improve the abilities of the rural poor…especially the ethnic minorities to better their lives in the ways that they choose,” he says, and believes that “education is the key to doing this.”

Meet Su Thet San (Su Su) – Field Coordinator of the Post-literacy Activities in Monastic Education, EduNet Organization, talks about her involvement with women’s rights and participation in the Nobel Women’s Initiative – Sister-to-Sister Mentorship Program (note: volume in this video is low)

Aung San Suu Kyi politician and chairperson of the National League for Democracy (NLD) in Burma. – ASSK on the Road to Mandalay


(video left) The driver drove Sumi Shane Managing Director and Zunetta Herbert Myanmar Programs Director of Partners Asia to the convoy lead – right behind the NLD cars. Daw Suu emerges to wave hello. (video right) A large group of town’s people are out to get a look at Aung San Suu Kyi.

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