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The Guardian – Revealed: how the Thai fishing industry trafficks, imprisons and enslaves investigation uncovers extensive role of authorities, fishermen and traffickers in enslaving thousands of Rohingya

American Abroad Media – Human traffickers find easy prey among Burma’s minorities

Aljazerra America – Long hours, meager wages: Child labor continues in Myanmar

Huff Post – Burmese Slaves Catch Seafood For Global Supply: AP Investigation

The Irrawaddy – Brides for Bachelors

Chiangrai Times – Arakan (Rohingya) Children Facing Trafficking Dangers in Thailand

World Bulletin – Arakan children face critical trafficking danger in Thailand

Chiangrai Times – Myanmar Seeks to Revise Anti- Human Trafficking Laws

DVB Multimedia – Shan family fights to free girl trafficked to China (video and text)

Solidarity Center – Human Trafficking Fueled by Migrant Worker Vulnerability

EastAsianForum discusses human trafficking in Asia going online

Reuters (Thailand) – Human trafficked Rohingya may face more abuse after Thai police rescue

This blog post from Engy Abdelkader glimpses at the related issue of human trafficking. By way of background, Burma’s record on human trafficking has prompted the United States … Read the full article: Human Trafficking: Muslim Women Vulnerable in Myanmar