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The Nation (opinion) – Asking a fish to climb a tree and Myanmar’s education system

The Irrawaddy – Make Multilingual Education a Priority: Linguistic Experts

Myanmar Times – Myanmar education system is failing disabled children

Karen News – Migrant Schools Forced To Close As International Donors Withdraw

Bloomberg Businessweek – Myanmar Struggles to Keep Children in School

EarthRights School Myanmar – Faces of Change: student Khun Yo Thar – his story (video)

Karen News – Migrant Schools Struggle To Keep Going As International Funders Pull Out

Myanmar Re-emerges: A Myanmar school helps educate poor youth – video and written story, CCTV English

National Thai Language Day – Burmese migrant wins Thai calligraphy award

The Elders (independent group of global leaders working together for peace and human rights) – Education in exile, the importance of schools to improve refugees’ opportunities and promote democratic values

Burmese Youth Association a San Francisco Bay Area organization founded to help empower the local Burmese community, supporting education, career networking and promote Burmese ethnic cultures

Read the report The Afford Two, Eat One‘ exploring the financial landscape for the poor in Myanmar, mapping behaviors around and attitudes to savings, investments, loans and transactions. Created by Yangon-based Proximity Designs, design strategy consultancy frog, and Studio D Radiodurans

Su Thet San a Nobel Women’s Initiative Sister-to-Sister 2013 Mentorship Program participant talks about: What the Mentorship Program Taught Me about International Advocacy

Nobel Women’s Initiative – 2013 Sister-to-Sister Mentorship Program Begins.
In attendance: Su Thet San (Su Su), Field Coordinator of the Post-literacy Activities in Monastic Education, EduNet Organization. See more at: Sister-to-Sister Mentorship Program

In this short video, Su Thet San (Su Su) of EduNet talks about her involvement with women’s rights and participation in the Nobel Women’s Initiative – Sister-to-Sister Mentorship Program (note: volume in this video is low)

EduNet is the one which consists of five different Community Based Organizations. The coordination of those CBOs that are interested in monastic school development became EduNet. Gitameit Community Team, Banyan Tree reading center, School Health Promotion Team,Child Emotional Support Team and teacher training team work together under the umbrella of EduNet. source: EduNet on Facebook