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Women of Myanmar

Written by Mary and Heather Partners Asia contributing writers In The Face of Change Through our work with Partners Asia, we met many women in Myanmar and in the Myanmar migrant communities in Thailand.  Their presence, inner strength and resilience conveyed a powerful message about their importance in the development of what will hopefully be a new Myanmar society.  Mothers, teachers, community organizers, nuns, midwives, entrepreneurs, translators – we were profoundly moved by each of them.  Here is a collage […]

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Change in Myanmar – Fall Update from Hal

My recent trip to Burma – Myanmar and Thailand proved very interesting and rewarding.  I visited Rangoon (Yangon), the northern Shan State and southern Thailand.  In each area we support a significant number of projects led by local groups that are doing extremely well.  The generous funding from our donors has allowed us to continue our work successfully in these areas. When I arrived in Rangoon I was surprised at the large number of new cars that crowded the streets. […]

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Living with HIV in Myanmar — An Evening at PM

Pwint is a member of Partners Asia’s Board of Directors. She is a telecommunications industry consultant who grew up in Burma – Myanmar. You can read more about Pwint on Our Team page. (Note that full names are not given below to protect the security of our partners and the people with whom they work.) One evening in Yangon, I visited a clinical residence for women and children living with HIV, funded by generous supporters of Partners Asia. It was […]

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HIV – AIDS In Burma – Myanmar

Our team at Partners Asia works with local community leaders to overcome poverty, discrimination, and other barriers that prevent people living with HIV – AIDS from receiving the medical treatment and community support necessary to get back on their feet and become productive members of society. These projects are intensive and often individualized, with much complementary counseling and community building needed alongside directly working with HIV positive people, in order to encourage communities to accept people living with the disease. […]

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HIV – AIDS In Shan Communities

Early in 2000, anti-retroviral treatment (ART) became available through the Thai government hospitals for Thai nationals with low CD4 counts (an indication of the stage of the disease). Those without official documents residing in Thailand—either ethnic minorities not yet fully recognized as Thai citizens or mobile populations of Myanmar refugees, displaced persons and migrant workers—were unable to access life-saving ART or critical counseling services. Given the growing number of HIV-positive people among these marginalized populations, in 2005 Myanmar community leaders […]

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Yangon HIV Residence

Lily Barnett, a 12-year-old in Atherton, California, wrote this essay after visiting a clinical residence in Yangon operated by one of our Partners Asia’s long-time partnering organizations, with her older sister, Lindsey, her older brother, Connor, and her parents, Jim and Annie. The PM residence was built with a generous donation from the Barnett family and operates thanks to their continued support. I was excited when my family started to support PM, a clinic for HIV-positive women and kids in […]

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