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Interview with Pwint Htun – telecommunications expert

2016 Update: Pwint, now a Board Member for Partners Asia, was also featured in Mary Kay Magistad’s excellent article at PRI.org. Pwint Htun is an early recipient of a Partners Asia Emerging Leaders grant. She is a telecommunication expert and a passionate advocate for the rural poor in Burma. She has been influential in establishing policy and envisions technology and access to information as a leveling tool. This interview highlights the importance of identifying and supporting emerging leaders and the […]

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Women For the World

Written by Partners Asia Team Learning the Power of Saving The cycle of debt for extremely poor families in Myanmar can be crushing. All too often, desperate women secure private loans with very high interest rates to meet the gap between income and daily living expenses. Very quickly they become trapped, working to simply pay daily interest while their debt increases. Women for the World (WFW) was founded in 2004 by a handful of young women determined to break this […]

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Bridging the Gap – Migrant Education Integration Initiative

Written by Michou Tchana-Hyman BEAM Education Foundation Children of a Broken Educational System I arrived in Thailand last year and became aware of the startling number of children working on the streets and at home during normal school hours. In Chiang Mai, a bustling city nestled in the foothills that continue into Northern Thailand, many migrants come seeking work. Here, I joined The Bridging Educational Access to Migrants (BEAM) Foundation and focused on the Migrant Education Integration Initiative (MEII) where […]

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Digital Dreams – Computers for Myanmar Schools

Digital Dreams (c) Anne Barnett

San Francisco Bay Area teen Lily Barnett developed and implemented Digital Dreams. Lily has traveled in Southeast Asia with her parents, long time Partners Asia supporters, Jim and Annie Barnett. This year Lily fulfilled a dream for many small school children. Personally raising $3,800 from family and friends, Lily launched her own project Digital Dreams with the assistance of Partner’s Asia and in February she traveled to Yangon to deliver computers to a monastic school on the outskirts of Yangon. […]

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Women of Myanmar

Written by Mary and Heather Partners Asia contributing writers In The Face of Change Through our work with Partners Asia, we met many women in Myanmar and in the Myanmar migrant communities in Thailand.  Their presence, inner strength and resilience conveyed a powerful message about their importance in the development of what will hopefully be a new Myanmar society.  Mothers, teachers, community organizers, nuns, midwives, entrepreneurs, translators – we were profoundly moved by each of them.  Here is a collage […]

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A Day in the Life of Partners Asia Senior Advisor

Written by Zunetta Herbert Partners Asia Senior Advisor A Day in the Life of Partners Asia Yet another day passes, and I am as ever grateful to be working with Partners Asia, and for the many generous and far sighted donors on whom we rely. I appreciate that with the massive increase in bilateral government aid to Myanmar, it is easy to think that maybe we are no longer needed; maybe needs are now being met. Sometimes, on a day […]

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Farewell U Win Tin – April 21, 2014

Partners Asia joins with the people of Myanmar to mourn the death of U Win Tin, who passed on Monday aged 84. U Win Tin was a founder of the National League for Democracy (NLD) in 1988 (along with Aung San Suu Kyi and U Tin Oo). Prior to that he was an author and newspaper editor. He was arrested in 1989 and spent 20 years in Yangon Insein jail – often in solitary confinement, and often tortured despite his […]

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Yangon Monastic Schools Site Visit

A path to learning. Recently, I had the privilege of joining Kaung Nyunt, Partners Asia Special Projects Director, to visit two monastery schools near Yangon to learn more about our partners in the field. Partners Asia works closely with local Burmese NGO, EduNet, and through this partnership we improve education for children as well as strengthening communities, improving health and sanitation. Although close to the city, in the first school the level of poverty was immediately evident. Despite the lack […]

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Jack’s Blog – INDIA

” WENT DOWN TO THE RIVER TO PRAY” traditional spiritual Trudy and I just returning from India after a joyful pilgrimage, a spiritual journey of renewal. It is astonishing to wake up one day along the Ganges river and a day later sit at the side of Lagunitas creek in California. But this is our life….. each day, each moment appears and then a different ever-new moment appears, an everchanging stream of experience. The Buddha often used the river as an […]

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Business Plan Training for Burmese Migrants

We spent several days in late February 2014 in Thailand presenting a training in business plan development to Burmese Community Learning Center teachers and youth leaders. THE MIGRANT COMMUNITY IN RANONG As described in a previous Partners Asia post, Ranong Community Learning June 2012, there is a substantial Burmese migrant community in and around Ranong. Located on the coast in southern Thailand, Ranong is a short boat ride from Kaw Thaung, the southern-most town in Myanmar/Burma. Burmese families have moved here […]

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