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Interview with Pwint Htun – telecommunications expert

2016 Update: Pwint, now a Board Member for Partners Asia, was also featured in Mary Kay Magistad’s excellent article at PRI.org. Pwint Htun is an early recipient of a Partners Asia Emerging Leaders grant. She is a telecommunication expert and a passionate advocate for the rural poor in Burma. She has been influential in establishing policy and envisions technology and access to information as a leveling tool. This interview highlights the importance of identifying and supporting emerging leaders and the […]

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Women For the World

Written by Partners Asia Team Learning the Power of Saving The cycle of debt for extremely poor families in Myanmar can be crushing. All too often, desperate women secure private loans with very high interest rates to meet the gap between income and daily living expenses. Very quickly they become trapped, working to simply pay daily interest while their debt increases. Women for the World (WFW) was founded in 2004 by a handful of young women determined to break this […]

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Supporting Leaders and Promoting Respect – Women of Myanmar

Written by Zunetta Herbert Partners Asia Senior Advisor For many years Partners Asia has supported organizations quietly working to give women and girls education and other opportunities to break out of the cycle of poverty and isolation into which they were born.  These organizations, often run by women or including many women in the staff, worked with quiet determination, and did not call themselves feminists, or women activists, but were working with the communities, leading by example and alert to […]

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Women of Myanmar

Written by Mary and Heather Partners Asia contributing writers In The Face of Change Through our work with Partners Asia, we met many women in Myanmar and in the Myanmar migrant communities in Thailand.  Their presence, inner strength and resilience conveyed a powerful message about their importance in the development of what will hopefully be a new Myanmar society.  Mothers, teachers, community organizers, nuns, midwives, entrepreneurs, translators – we were profoundly moved by each of them.  Here is a collage […]

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Migrant children empowered through changes in education – Myanmar-Thailand

Even as Myanmar’s politics improve and opportunities grow for people inside, needs remain sobering for the 3 to 4 million migrants just across the border in Thailand. For more than 20 years Partners Asia’s team has worked with Myanmar migrant communities, during the long period when millions were escaping Burma’s conflicts and dire poverty. The large Thai economy still depends on and entices Myanmar workers, despite the exploitation, prejudice, and even criminal intent that many migrants encounter to work there. […]

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Naw Bway Khu (Snow) — Meiskwe Myanmar standing tall

Our long term partner Naw Bway Khu (Snow) has been getting increasingly involved in advocacy work with other NGOs in the new, more open Myanmar. She recently attended a high level meeting in Nay Pyi Daw, the capital city, along with other local NGOs and the Parliamentary Committee on Legislation to discuss the new draft law on the registration of local NGOs.   I am sure our supporters who met with Snow when she travelled to San Francisco last year […]

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Myanmar Women Leaders: Susanna Soe

One of our colleagues in Myanmar was recently interviewed and we’d like to share the article with you. Susanna is one of the amazing Myanmar women leaders with whom Partners Asia works. KWAG, the local group that Susanna leads, is one of Partners Asia’s grantees doing good community work in a number of areas in Myanmar. Take a look at her interesting personal story. – – – – – To Help Burma Rise, Karen Woman Takes a Stand By ZARNI […]

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English – The Missing Link for Myanmar’s Pink Nuns

I always dreamed of having some sort of international career but scoffed at the idea of teaching English overseas — it just wasn’t glamorous enough — so instead I opted for a career in luxury goods, marketing iconic diamonds around the world. But it wasn’t until my return to Burma – Myanmar that I finally understood the dazzle of English teaching. I flew to rural Shan State to visit Buddhist nunneries where women and girls are robed in pinks with […]

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Living with HIV in Myanmar — An Evening at PM

Pwint is a member of Partners Asia’s Board of Directors. She is a telecommunications industry consultant who grew up in Burma – Myanmar. You can read more about Pwint on Our Team page. (Note that full names are not given below to protect the security of our partners and the people with whom they work.) One evening in Yangon, I visited a clinical residence for women and children living with HIV, funded by generous supporters of Partners Asia. It was […]

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An Evening with Pattanarak Foundation

Partners Asia held a wonderful event this week featuring Seri Thongmak, the executive director of Pattanarak Foundation, one of our local partners. Pattanarak is an innovative grassroots organization working with disadvantaged populations in rural areas along the border between Thailand and Burma – Myanmar. The group embodies the approach that we strongly encourage at Partners Asia: to build capabilities and leadership within these poor communities so that they can resiliently meet their own diverse needs as they arise. Organic agriculture, […]

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