Taking action to strengthen local leadership

Written by Partners Asia Team

The Philanthropy Workshop West (TPW) ​Members ​join Partners Asia to ​provide action grants to ​local leaders from Burma working for their communities in Myanmar and Thailand.

Partners Asia has recently launched a new leadership initiative funded by TPW ​members​. ​Together they are working in consultation with a​ network of local advisors ​to identify ​local leaders and ​grassroots organizations who are engaged in developing innovative projects or expanding current programs to new communities in Myanmar.

As Myanmar emerges from decades of isolation and military rule its civil society is at a turning point. There is a widespread demand for local leaders who can confidently address the needs and ​organize to defend the ​rights of their communities​​.

TPW funds will be used to advance the skills and capacity ​of ​local leaders in Myanmar and Thailand ​to better address the far reaching needs of their communities.​

The funds will also encourage and enable groups with complementary skills to work together on common issues.​ ​In addition, the funds aim to ​build links across the region​ by bringing together leaders and community organizations to share learning and responses to cross-cutting issues in the region.

​Therese Caouette and Zunetta Herbert of Partners Asia are currently in Myanmar​ and Thailand​​ meeting with organizations and advisory group members to identify potential recipients.

TPW is a distinctive provider of lifelong strategic donor education and networking, substantive engagement with philanthropic communities, and encouraging environments for philanthropic innovation. Their programs provide forward-thinking philanthropists with a strategic framework and innovative set of skills, tools, investment models, and resources that yield an amplifier effect on their philanthropic giving and investing.

It is an honor that so many of TPW members have committed to this Leadership initiative together with Partners Asia and their networks in Myanmar. ​


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