For nearly 30 years, our team has worked discreetly with communities in Myanmar and along the Thailand-Myanmar border.

In 2017, Partners Asia gave out over 70 grants; the majority ranged from $10,000 – $20,000. Our grants help those most at-risk of being further marginalized as Myanmar opens to the world after more than 50 years of isolation: farmers, refugees, children, women, students, migrants, LGBTQIs, ethnic minorities.


The 21st century is witnessing mass migration of people, whether for opportunities or for security and survival. As people move away from their home communities into urban slums or across borders, they become ever more vulnerable.

Gender Equality Program

It’s about inclusion, human rights, justice for all. Despite strong female leaders in Myanmar, women, as well as LGBTQI people, are too often treated as second-class citizens, facing discrimination and harassment.


The momentous changes in Myanmar, with the National League for Democracy (NLD) winning elections by a massive landslide, have created unprecedented opportunities. Strengthening local leadership will be a defining factor in the success of the emerging democracy.


Thousands of children in the communities we support can’t access formal education. Keeping children in school, however, deters human trafficking, labor exploitation and the cycle of poverty, so we support all kinds of non-formal education.

Community Development

We support those who are the most vulnerable, often rural or mobile communities from ethnic minority populations. Our financial support, training, and introductions to broader networks all aim to fortify and advance their efforts.


More than ever, the world is watching. To help you better understand the complexities and emerging opportunities in Myanmar, we highlight significant articles, expert opinions, and trusted news sources. Check back often, as the situation on the ground changes rapidly.