Marla Pritchard

Resource Director

Marla’s 30-year career predominantly focuses on building businesses and leadership, creating growth and delivering bottom line results in both the profit and non-profit sectors. Career specialties include building teams, leveraging relationships and creating new opportunities.

Marla built designer businesses at Nordstrom, where she was responsible for $26.7M, with exceptional results. She established a culture of connectivity, knowledge, great events and impeccable service. Most recently with the American Himalayan Foundation, Marla was the STOP Girl Trafficking Ambassador, in charge of raising funds and awareness for a $1M trafficking-prevention program which safeguards 10,000 at-risk girls in Nepal. She built relationships with Google, Yahoo! and Eagle Creek and supported groups who organized new initiatives: Teens Against Trafficking, Stop Traffick at Middlebury College and the Girls saving Girls Club. Marla’s desire is to create genuine interest and secure the resources to support the leaders and communities being served by Partners Asia.